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Do you want do give an untraditional gift?

Do you have a wedding anniversary and don't know how to surprise you beloved wife or husband?

Any piece for any instrument (piano, violin, violoncello, flute, trumpet, vocals) or their combination can be composed according to your requirements. For example a quartette for string instruments (two violins, viola, violoncello), piano trio (violin, violoncello, piano), fanfar (2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, bombardon) and other combinations are possible. Just as well, pieces composed for chamber, symphonic or vocal orchestras are also possible.

I can secure interpreters and the recording of the composed pieces on a CD in professional quality. Financial specifications will be agreed on. The time horizon of the composition of the piece depends on its complexity and length, beginning at three months and more. In the case of more sophisticated pieces, such as symphonies or cantatas, the time of realization can extend up to 2 years.